Episode 31 – And your Little Dog too.

So Jonny Quest was on originally when I was four years old. But it was on Saturday morning in reruns for several of my early years. It is burned into my brain. Walking spider robots, Race Bannon dyed blue, electric aliens. and a funny dog name Bandit.

In 1986, Comico published a really nice Jonny Quest comic book that ran 31 issues. I talk about that in the new episode.

An old nerd goes public

A few weeks ago,at the media organization where I work,  I showed the features editor some of my comics videos. She asked me if I could write something for the newspaper, and I said yes and I dashed off  this article, which appeared on page E4 of the Maine Sunday Telegram today alongside some great photos by my friend Gabe Souza, who crawled up in the attic in the heat after last week’s show. If that story brought you here, welcome! The real action is over at You Tube and Facebook.

Comics from the last 30 years worth more than $300

Bleedingcool.com says there are only 10 comics from the last 30 years that are worth more than $300, assuming they’re in really nice shape. I have one of these that I bought new, but my copy is damaged (stupidly by me when no one knew it would be worth anything.) which cuts its value in half or more. I’m pretty sure I had another, but traded it away years ago for some books that were by far better cartoonists than Rob Liefeld.