Episode X6 – If at first you don’t succeed

This week in Chad’s Attic; A mini haul, DC’s “Prez” a sign of good things to come?, and “Wayward,” urban fantasy meets manga. Also we go into the boxes…err. bookshelves for a couple of choice bits from Neil Gaiman.

I did this one three times. I usually do them twice, once just to run through and another for production. This time I got downstairs to edit and thought my audio was messed up. I went back up and did it again, and then I came back down and found out it was my headphones, not my audio and the second one was fine. I used the second one.

Here is a link to the Bleeding Cool News story on, “Batgirling.”

If you want a blank copy of the Excel file of my twelve-cent Marvel Bingo card, Click here.