Maine Comic Art Festival Videos

I had a great, but exhausting time at the Maine Comic Art Festival. I made a ton of video, all of which I haven’t finished yet.

Lucy Bellwood was delightful. I subsequently bought a copy of “Baggywrinkles” and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Bruce Worden draws about Rock and Roll and Zombies’

Georgo O’Cpnnor did the show poster and writes a series about Greek Gods and their weirdness. I read the Hera book and learned some things I didn’t know.

and Fulton Beal does gag illustrations and strips and grew up on the Downeast Coast of Maine like me.

I have more, as you can see at the end of each of these, and they are coming still. I’ve been doing so much video, that I’m going to try to slow down a bit before I put these out. Also my youTube audience isn’t really burning these up with views, so I’m kind of back-burner-ing them for a little bit.

I also took a lot of still photos which are on the Casablanca Comics Facebook page, and shared at the Chad’s Attic Facebook page.