VR360 Places in Maine – Around Portland

VR360 Places in Maine – Around Portland

This is an experiment. I have a new 360 cam and I’m trying to figure out what types of subjects might be effective in this format.

I’ve already learned that when your intended audience is 360VR head-mounted-displays, you don’t really want to move the camera, and most of the time you want to place the camera at something like eye-level.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get out of the shot yourself, so this is an experiment at just being in the shot, in real-time. In the edit process I learned that close is OK. In some shots I was closer that I would have otherwise chosen, because I wanted to keep a foot on the stand to prevent the camera from blowing over in the wind. (there’s a sad story there)

I think when discussing specific features as host, just pointing isn’t enough, I should include some more definition of what specific feature viewers can see, because they might not see me point and even if they do, it might not be clear what exactly I’m referring to.

I also should do more homework and have a better plan for what I wanted to talk about for the next time. Now that the weather is improving in Maine, I have a few more places to film on my list.

This was shot with a GoPro Max on February 29, 2020