Episode 29 – Catching Up the Pile.

Chad’s Attic 29. I have slackened the pace of the regular Chad’s Attic videos. I’m not sure if that’s because of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the holidays or what, but it took a while to get this one out, really because it took a while to get upstairs in front of the camera. My wife says I spend too much time worrying too much abut the details in these things. She might be right. Production has gotten so complicated it they takes a lot of time, so I’m trying with this one to simplify by not doing all the fancy graphics moves and just doing the second camera. Also this was the first time I ever used the first take. After I finished the first one, which I really was thinking was a run-through, I thought to myself, “That wasn’t all that bad.” I know if I did another one, I might not be any happier with it, so I went with the first take. I hope you like it. If I can keep it simpler I think I’m more likely to do more of them over time.

So the two big mistakes with this one, not counting the bumping of the comics cam, were I forgot to turn off the light over my left shoulder, and I didn’t put the “Into the Boxes” bumper in exactly the right place. The ending thing where I got up, I did on purpose. Also no one has mentioned the addition of Lily the Orange Terror to the intro. If you have comments leave them on the video on YouTube. Thanks for watching!