Episode 7 – Just another rainy Sunday.

This week in Chad’s Attic, we look at four new DC number one issues coming out of “Convergence.” Black Canary as a rock singer, and the 80’s history of the sorcerer, Dr. Fate.

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting into a rhythm with these things now. I’m definitely trying to crank them out fairly quickly and they might be somewhat better if I spent more time – particularly with the overlays and art close-ups, but I don’t know that that is ever really going to grow the audience. Plus I like doing some other things on Sunday.

This week would have been muck quicker if I hadn’t pulled half the gear out of the attic to record some video of some panel events at work. I had to put it all back together to shoot this week. When I finish those other things I’ll post a link here as well.

I do hava a line on some new lighting equipment, and some help with the lighting from an old friend. We might see that show up in a couple of weeks. That’s exciting.