Episode X – I love the ’80’s and Atari Force

I had a couple of production enhancements with Episode 10. I was buying some new jeans and decided to wander down to the toy store (Hunt’s Photo). They had a diffuser for my main light. I had considered buying one online, but this was instant gratification.

I experimented with using my condenser microphone and wiring it right in, but I didn’t think the sound was any better than the wireless lavaliere that I have been using. I sounded a little off-mic. I might have to find a wired lav mic.

Also I turned off the auto exposure and set it based on my monitor image. I think I might have gone just a shade dark, though. On my old Canon XL-1S there was a histogram feature that made setting the exposure pretty simple. I wish I had the HD version of that, but I don’t have five grand to spend. Anyway, I hope you like the video. Let me know if its too dark in the youtube comments or on the Facebook page.